Looking for a Workers Compensation Attorney in the Tigard, OR Area? Look No More

When you first start any job, you rightly expect that your employer will take care of your expenses in the event of a work-related injury. You hope at least for fair compensation.

However, not all employers see workers compensation the way you do. If you’re denied a claim, you may need to call a workers compensation attorney near Tigard, OR. At Ransom, Gilbertson, Martin & Ratliff, L.L.P, we know Oregon workers’ rights, and we’ll help you recover on your legitimate claim.

Defend Your Rights

Whether your workplace enrolled you in state accident insurance (SAIF) or has a different insurance for worker’s compensation, you may have trouble recovering compensation on your own. Even if your employer’s intentions are good, your claim may still face roadblocks.

We can provide you a workers compensation, personal injury, or social security disability attorney.

If a Tigard, OR employer has SAIF, or some other workers compensation insurance, we can protect and defend your rights while we recover benefits on your behalf.

Speak to a Trustworthy Attorney

In the past, our attorneys have influenced fair disability and workers compensation laws for the better. Because we’ve protected Oregon workers’ interests for more than 50 years, we fully expect to succeed when you need us most.
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