Answers to Legal Questions in Portland, OR

Filing a Claim

A workers’ compensation claim should be filed as soon as possible after your injury or occupational disease. When injured, you must give notice to your employer of the claim within 90 days. If you have an occupational disease or repetitive use condition, you may have more time. Regardless of the timeline, it is best to file a claim using one of the following forms.

An 801 form is the form that begins most Portland, OR workers’ compensation claims. To begin a claim, it is filled out by you and your employer.

An 827 form is a form completed by you and your doctor.It can begin a workers’ compensation claim. It can also be used to designate your attending physician and to file an aggravation claim or palliative care request, if your claim is closed. 

If you are have questions about filing a workers’ compensation claim, or need help to do so, please call us

Injury and Occupational Disease 

In Portland, OR, workers’ compensation covers both work injuries and occupational diseases. Injuries are those events that happen suddenly to cause you harm, such as falling at work. If there are no pre-existing conditions, all injuries are covered where there is enough of a connection to your work. Sometimes, this connection may not be very obvious. If the worker has a pre-existing condition, the work injury should be covered if the work injury is the major contributing cause of your disability or need for medical treatment.

Occupational diseases are those conditions that come about slowly over time. Some common occupational diseases are hearing loss, wear and tear arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and toxic exposure. You may file an occupational disease claim at any time, even after you have stopped working. All occupational diseases should be covered if the overall work exposure is the major cause of the disease.