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EMT rushes to the aid of someone suffering a personal injuryAnyone who has endured a catastrophic injury knows this truth: life can change in an instant. A busy, independent person can suddenly require constant supervision. Medical expenses may accumulate quickly. Family members likely feel increasing stress as they attempt to meet these unexpected challenges.         A child in the hospital in need of a personal injury lawyer for help with medical billsAt Ransom, Gilbertson, Martin, & Ratliff, LLP, we see the ways that severe injuries impact people's lives. If you or another family member has been injured from a catastrophic accident, contact a personal injury attorney at our Portland, OR office—or contact our satellite offices in Pendleton and Pacific City. We protect your rights and help you alleviate your financial concerns as you adjust to your new situation.    


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Doctors provide life-saving surgery for someone suffering from personal injury Catastrophic injuries include any injuries with prolonged, serious effects on the accident victim. These may include eye injuries, multiple fractures, head trauma, brain injuries, organ damage, severe burns, neurological/spinal injuries, and others. Regardless of the injury, if it impacts your life or curtails your ability to work, you need experienced help to find proper compensation. If you or a family member has injuries that require long-term medical attention, rehabilitation, and/or constant nursing care, talk to a personal injury attorney. Our Portland, OR team can determine your case's financial implications.

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The hand of a person controlling a wheelchair At our firm, we have helped clients in catastrophic situations for over 50 years. We understand every nuance of personal injury law, and we understand your stress. You may have questions about who is financially accountable, or whether your compensation will cover lost income and medical bills. Regardless of your questions, we have the answers you need most. Contact a personal injury attorney in Portland, OR, or choose the office closest to you. Don't give up hope; help is nearby. Call us at 1-800-371-3664 today.