New and Omitted Medical Conditions and Consequential Claims

Workplace injuries are rarely simple. 

Workers’ compensation can help you deal with with lost wages, stress, and medical expenses following a workplace injury. But what happens if SAIF or the other insurance company says your injury was only a “strain” and you have  serious condition that needs surgery. Or, what happens if your injury causes you to suffer another injury or develop a medical condition, such as arthritis or an infection?

Your claim is only covered for the medical conditions listed on the Notice of Acceptance.  But, we can help you get your more serious conditions covered. Here are some examples to think about: 

If you receive workers’ compensation, but you are not getting the treatment your doctor says you need, it might be because the Acceptance says “strain” or “contusion.”  Your real condition might be a rotator cuff tear, herniated disc, or meniscus tear.  A claim for the real or “omitted” condition needs to be filed. 

If you get a Notice of Closure saying you have no disability, but you are still going to the doctor and not able to work, the Acceptance at Closure might again say “sprain.”  Your disability and need for treatment is due to your more serious condition, and a claim for that must be filed.  

Our experienced, compassionate, and dedicated attorneys can help you file a new, omitted or consequential claim to get you the treatment you need or to reopen a closed claim. 

What Types of Condition might be New, Omitted or Consequential?

Common examples of new, omitted or consequential injuries include:

  • Tears of tendons, ligaments, or meniscus caused by accepted shoulder or knee injuries  
  • Herniated discs, disc disease, or spinal stenosis caused by a previously accepted spine injury
  • Infections following surgery or treatment of the initial injury
  • Injuries resulting from overusing or favoring one hand, arm, or leg due to the initial injury
  • Arthritis that develops years after the initial injury
  • Depression, or pain syndromes, related to serious chronic injury

Do you have questions about reopening a closed claim?  Do you have a new, omitted or consequential condition claim in Oregon workers’ compensation?  We’re here to help, and every consultation is free. Tell us about your case.

If you have had a serious work injury, or your claim has been denied or closed, it may be hard to imagine going through a difficult legal process right now. But we want you to get the compensation you deserve. We’ll do our best to understand your concerns and make the experience as easy as we can.

How We Can Help

You have the right to seek additional compensation. At Ransom, Gilbertson, Martin & Ratliff, LLP, we charge no legal fees and only collect a small percentage of the compensation you receive if you win your case. This means that every consultation you have with us, including your first one, is completely free.

We believe you deserve an attorney who is on your side — one who is dedicated to delivering excellent work for you. We want you to get fair compensation, and we never back away from a challenging case.

Thank you for your help and, support during my time of need. I truly appreciate your team going above and, beyond what I anticipated.
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