Workers’ Compensation for Neck Injuries in the Portland, OR Area

I remember a client who was working in Portland, OR, at a shoe store.  A box fell off a high shelf striking her in the forehead.  This caused a herniated disc, and she needed a cervical spine fusion. Her workers’ comp claim was denied.   When, you think of your work be it at a desk, a retail store, or a construction site, you most likely don’t think about injuries.  Yet, accidents can happen.  If your job requires you to lift items overhead, or constantly use your neck in uncomfortable positions, you might be more at risk for neck injury, or occupational disease.   These injuries can cause the need for medical treatment or disability pay.

Neck Injury and Workers’ Compensation

If you have an on the job neck injury and you need medical treatment or have disability you should file a workers’ compensation claim.  If you have trouble with your claim, you should seek expert legal advice that can be given at  Ransom, Gilbertson, Martin & Ratliff, L.L.P.  When you consult with one of our expert attorneys, you will receive one-on-one legal guidance and advice to help you cope with your neck injury. Workers’ comp, once secured, will be one of your of greatest aids as you seek recovery from your pain. The worker mentioned above at the shoe store who was hit by the box contacted us, and we won her case.

Decades of Legal Experience

Leave it to us to fight for workers’ comp for your injuries. Our 70 years of combined expertise qualify us to advocate on your behalf, even when your insurance provider or employer makes things difficult. Though we’ve won numerous cases in the Oregon Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, we never shift our focus from our individual clients and their needs.

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