Workers’ Comp for Tendinitis in Portland, OR

Your shoulder, knee, elbow, or wrist is swollen and tender. The doctor tells you that you have tendinitis, and you think you got it from your line of work.

Tendinitis is common, and may start out mild, but it can become disabling. It may affect your range of motion and make it difficult to work and perform other basic tasks. If you developed tendinitis at work, you might want to consider making a tendinitis workers’ comp claim.

Causes of Work-Related Tendinitis

If you perform certain tasks at your job in Portland or anywhere else in OR, you can put yourself at risk for developing tendinitis. These tasks could include:

  • Overhead lifting
  • Repetitive motions
  • Performing actions while kneeling, standing or sitting in an awkward position

These actions put stress on your tendons, the cords that connect your muscles with your bones.

The stress and irritation on your tendons can cause pain and make it difficult to move the injured area.

Your doctor may recommend resting the affected area and taking pain relievers. Severe cases might warrant injections, physical therapy, or surgery.

How Your Workplace Can Prevent Tendinitis

The Occupational Public Health Program (OPHP) recommends that employers take steps to prevent employees from developing tendinitis. These steps could include:

  • Allowing machines to do jobs that are dangerous for humans (such as lifting)
  • Training workers on how to safely perform their tasks
  • Providing the right tools for each task
  • Providing customizable work stations, such as adjustable tables and chairs
  • Increasing the variety of tasks workers perform throughout the day
  • Providing regular breaks throughout the day

If you develop tendinitis, you should report it to your employer right away. Getting early treatment can prevent the problem from worsening, in which case you would need a workers’ comp claim for tendinitis.

When to See a Lawyer in Portland, OR

Your work-related tendinitis may require costly medical treatment.  You may also have to miss time from work while you recover. You may even be unable to return to your regular work. If so, you need workers comp to cover your claim.

An experienced workers’ comp lawyer from our office can get you the compensation you need to cover your medical bills and lost work time. We can make sure that SAIF, or the insurance company, are giving you all the compensation you deserve.

The lawyers at Ransom, Gilbertson, Martin & Ratliff, L.L.P have many years of experience working on workers’ compensation cases. When you come to us for your workers’ comp claim, you are in very capable hands. Contact us today for a free consultation at our Portland, OR or Pendleton OR office.