Qualified Workers Compensation Claims for the Portland, OR Area

As an employee, you do your best to perform your daily tasks responsibly. You cooperate with your coworkers, you follow your manager’s recommendations, and you strive for high levels of productivity. But what do you do if you experience an injury that leaves you unable to work?

As safe as you may think your work environment is, accidents happen, and you might find yourself in a situation in which you thought you’d never be. To receive the help you need, turn to Ransom, Gilbertson, Martin & Ratliff, L.L.P.


Learn to Protect Your Legal Rights

Our law firm located in Portland, OR and Pendleton OR works alongside you to cope with work-related injury or trauma. Our experienced attorneys have helped countless clients file and win workers’ compensation claims, and these attorneys will do so for you too. You are entitled to your legal rights, but you also need to know what qualifies as a workers’ comp claim.


What Qualifies?

The following situations almost always lead to qualified workers’ comp claims:

  • Injuries that induce medical trauma or require emergency attention
  • Injuries that require you to have medical or hospital bills
  • Injuries that force you to miss work and/or receive rehabilitation
  • Injuries that cause you disability or the need for vocational retraining

If you’ve experienced physical or emotional pain in conjunction with these types of injuries, let us aid you as you file your claim.


What Doesn’t Qualify?

Some injuries or situations might not yield strong workers’ comp claims, including:

  • Minor injuries that do not need medical attention
  • Injuries that are not at all caused by work


Benefit From Our Expertise

No matter what type of injury may befall you at your work, we’ll be your reliable resource as you navigate legal difficulties.

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