Worker’s Compensation for Tendonitis & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Pain has many faces. Sometimes it’s short-lived. Other times, it can be stubborn and ongoing.

Many work-related injuries are one-time accidents, like a fall on icy ground, a deep cut, a sprained ankle, or a broken bone. But pain can also manifest itself gradually over long periods of time. Especially if your work requires repetitive movements, you might be at risk for tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

If your work caused you to develop one of these conditions, you should consider filing a workers’ compensation claim to help you cope with the financial, emotional, and physical burdens your injury has caused. Our workers’ compensation attorneys can help you understand your legal rights, file your claim, and advocate on your behalf.

Work-Related Tendonitis

Tendonitis is common and may start out mild, but it can quickly become disabling. It might affect your range of motion and make it difficult to perform daily tasks. If your work requires you to regularly lift things over your head, perform the same motion over and over, or stand, sit, or kneel in an awkward position, you may be at a higher risk of developing tendonitis.

These actions put stress on your tendons (the cords that connect your muscles to your bones) and can injure and weaken them over time. This is often very painful, and can make it difficult to move the affected area. Common types of tendonitis include “tennis elbow” and “golfer’s elbow.” Your doctor may recommend resting the injury for a period of time and taking pain relievers. More severe cases might warrant injections, physical therapy, or surgery.

Tendonitis can worsen over time if it’s not treated, so it’s important to let your employer know about your injury as soon as possible so they can address the conditions that are causing it.

Work-Related Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the nerves in your wrist. It’s a common condition for people whose work requires them to use their hands and fingers a lot. Like tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome often starts out relatively mild, but it can gradually worsen over time with repeated irritation.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be painful and inhibit your ability to perform your work activities, whether that’s operating heavy machinery, typing on a keyboard, or any other task that requires you to use your hands or wrists. Depending on how severe your injury is, you may have to miss time at work and you may be faced with large medical bills.

If you notice pain, numbness, sensations of pins and needles, or weakness in your hands, wrists, or forearms, tell your employer as soon as possible.

We Can Help You Build Your Case

At Ransom, Gilbertson, Martin & Ratliff, LLP, we understand the difficulties and frustrations of working with employers and insurance companies. We make it our highest priority to guide you towards fair and just compensation. With more than 70 years of combined legal experience, our dedicated attorneys can help you file your claim and fight for the benefits you deserve.

With our assistance, you can focus on recovering, not on legal stresses. When you come to us for your workers’ compensation claim, you are in capable hands.

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